EUObserver LogoLike many people engaged in EU politics work, I read EUObserver on an almost daily basis. What few people know is that its editor – Lisbeth Kirk – is married to Jens-Peter Bonde, chair of the Danish June Movement and leader of the IND/DEM (i.e. eurosceptic) group in the European Parliament. If you don’t believe me, see this page from Bonde’s website.

Generally speaking, EUObserver’s editorial line is OK – they tend to present both sides, and indeed have been ready to publish comments from the federalists in the past. Yet sometimes you have to be very careful with EUObserver. Take today’s report about criticisms of Wallstr√∂m’s White Paper – read it here. They complain about the questions of editorial independence that an EU press agency would raise, yet the political line of their website is opaque to say the least. Further, no comments are included from those that support parts of her plan – this report from Euractiv is better in this regard.

So the next time you are reading EUObserver, just remember who is writing it…

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