BeMEPI’ve been sent the link to, and online game where you can play at being a Member of the European Parliament. It’s backed by – among others – the Konrad Adenauer foundation. But the problem is this: how does it work? The initial FAQ section was just too long and boring, and after logging in I managed to register myself with a political group, but beyond that was perplexed as to what you are actually supposed to do. I do hope there’s some decent educational value to the thing, but if so, I can’t work it out yet. Do any readers out there have a clue?


  1. well, tha game is online and it is working. if you wish to play than it just needs a bit of good will.

    the language versions are that because it was made by polish ngo (Polish Robert Schuman Foundation).

    And it did not cost much, you really could be very surprised..

    Hope that you will try to play once again – just give it a chance

  2. Emmanuel Vallens

    and on top of that, when I tried to log in, the French version wasn’t even online… 😉

    Funny, btw, to see that they chose to have the website in English, French and Polish, but not in German, which is more widely spoken in the EU…

  3. Further, can you imagine how much that thing cost? It’s actually quite complex to program… Oh for the chance to do something like that!

  4. I couldn’t even get that far…it looks awful – typical of what happens when a bureaucrat who has been told “to do something to popularise the EU” comes up with a website or a project themselves rather than commission someone who might know something about doing that kind of thing, to do one…

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