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What do you do when you end up in a new city and don’t have the information available to find decent bars and restaurants? Well, you do something about it! Hence the idea to register the domain name and make a simple site allowing bar reviews to be posted and people to rate the bars that they have visited. The idea is that the site should be a lot more ‘Web 2.0’ than other sites that exist – those are let down by poor Google rankings and limited functionality. I intend to invest quite some time, and a little money too, and see how things go – with a large expat community in Brussels, and no website currently serving this market, I hope that at least the site will be useful to a few people… Please do let me know what you think of it!


  1. Excellent idea Jon and great implementation!
    I have the impression that it will work rather well.

  2. rose22

    fantastic idea – Si and I started compiling restaurant ans bar reviews a while back for a book which we never got round to finishing so willl contribute (as long as the bars are still there!) Expect to see Gecko, Roi d’Espagne, Le Trappiste etc. posted soon.

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