Black doorJust back from my 2nd appearance on 18 Doughty Street’s Vox Politics and End of the Day programmes. Iain Dale was hosting this time – first time I’ve met him and he’s very friendly and personable for a Tory. There was a civilised and quite interesting debate about the 15 sailors captured by Iran, plus some debate about Scotland and the Labour Party leadership. I think I ended up agreeing with Jo Phillips (this is the best link I can find about her), former adviser to Paddy Ashdown, more than I agreed with the others, but it was very much what 18 Doughty Street claims to be about – political debate. This was my second time on the programme and I’m at least starting to get the hang of it.

Anyway, this will probably be the last post here for a couple of days – I’ll be away from London for a bit.

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  1. Interestingly they got the name of your blog wrong:) But for the rest, well done! An interesting thing, this 18 Doughty Street is quite pleasant.

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