Piccadilly Circus

Every Tuesday evening I get 2 hours of Swedish at Westminster University, and then a horrid blast of evangelical megaphone preaching while waiting on my bike at the traffic lights at Piccadilly Circus. Each and every Tuesday evening there is someone preaching there. This evening I was told that all of us in Piccadilly actually believed in God, but we were all just denying it. No. Go away. I don’t want someone with a megaphone shouting at me, telling me what I may or may not believe. I hence started to wonder: could you slap an ASBO on these people?

Upon returning home, I’ve discovered that Westminster Council actually has tried the ASBO route – against Philip Howard and his preaching at Oxford Circus. This seems to have resulted in him moving to Piccadilly Circus. However a case of him harassing a passer by has been dropped – see this from BBC.

You have to wonder what posesses people to behave in this manner? What can drive you to fear for someone’s sanity so much that you are willing to shout at them on the street? I just don’t get it. Anyway, some pictures of the mad world of street preachers can be found here, and Westminster Council – keep at it with the ASBOs. Being out on the street in London is harrowing enough without being blasted about God through a loudspeaker.


  1. sebastian

    Cycling around the “Manic Street Preacher” might be a solution too?

  2. Hmmm. I’ve never been the biggest fan of ASBOs, but I doubt a street preacher sees it as a badge of honour.

    BTW, when I cycled from Swedish on Tuesday this week, the preacher at Piccadilly Circus was Philip Howard – so the ASBO has just moved him from one end of Regent Street to the other. 🙁

  3. sebastian

    ASBOs do not seem to be very effective, do they?

  4. Poor you! That does sound might unpleasant!

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