Lidl Ad NewspaperThe local Lidl supermarket puts flyers through doors in Clapham, letting the locals know about its latest offers. Some things are quite amusing – they were promoting care products for your horse (yes, indeed, in Clapham!?!) a few weeks ago. Anyway, this weeks promotion tops all the previous ones. The two page spreads are pictured – click the image to see them in all their glory. Here is Lidl – a German-owned supermarket chain, and having half the products on its shelves in the UK labelled mostly in German – selling a load of nationalistic football stuff. Anything they can make some money on I suppose? The fridge with the beers in it labelled ‘Spirit of 66’ raised a chuckle, as did the ‘England Singing Bottle Opener – open you beer with a cheer’ – presumably Lidl is sufficiently confident that England will do badly that the punters will at least need a cheer when opening their beer bottle?


  1. Bringing together this post and your previous one, Jon, my favourite Berlusconi story is the tale that at one of the European Council meetings that he was chairing that was supposed to be taking the discussion on the Constitution forward, it reached the stage where really nobody had anything to say about it. After a pause, Berlusconi suppsedly said “Well, if nobody’s got anything to say about that, why don’t we talk about women or football? You go first, Gerhard, you know lots about both”.

  2. Radostina

    Hi Jon, I couldn’t agree more with you, believe me :)) But, even though you won’t believe it probably ,that’s nothing compared to what’s going on in Germany!!! I was shocked by all the things being sold with either a German flag or in a football shape..or the worst- both! I have lost quite a lot of time trying to find out what did the brilliant minds see so prfitable in more than half of the things on the market. Believe me I tried hard! 🙂 And no success…..Anyway I gave up when I tried to find out the logic behing making a VOLLEYBALL BALL looks like a football one …Sind Sie bereit fuer die WM? ;)))

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