IdiotI probably should not have another rant on this blog about incompetent computer users, but I’m afraid I cannot resist it. Simply put, I have been writing little here over the last few days because I have – as ever – been spending far too many waking hours fixing damned servers. As soon as anything goes wrong, the people using the server are on the phone to me, and the moment things work as they wish, they just carry on as before. No thanks, no message in return, no expression of thanks or anything. And indeed no thought about what is happening. Until the next time a complete lack of common sense or understanding of something elementary like the difference between kilobytes and megabytes means another problem is going to be caused. Oh, and I am meant to get a little bit of cash from time to time for all the server admin, and has any of it arrived? No, of course not! Why the hell am I so damned responsible for this stuff? OK, a bunch of people visit the sites I administer, but is it really worth the time and energy? There are some excellent people I work with on website stuff who are always so kind and decent – you know who you are, and I appreciate your approach – but these people seem very much to be in a minority!

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  1. How much I understand you! Résultat, vu le temps que te prend la réparation de ces sites, je n’ose mème plus te demander de m’aider à  mettre en place JEF-Info FR… What about placing a job offer section on JEF’s and other’s websites to attract someone who could second you?

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