I was one of the people interviewed for Javier Ruiz Soler‘s European Studies Masters Thesis “Who blogs what? A qualitative study on the role of the Euroblogosphere in a context of a European Public Sphere.” The PDF of the thesis is here (Javier has given the interviewed bloggers permission to blog it!) The full text of all the interviews is also included in full at the end of the document.

Above all I am very grateful for some systematic analysis of EU blogging, and beyond that I am struck by one major similarity and one major difference. The similarity is that all of us share similar everyday challenges when blogging – a lack of time and resources, and knowledge that does not always allow us to cover all the topics we would like to examine. The major difference is how we as bloggers on EU matters reflect on what we are doing, and whether the concept of a public sphere is useful, and what the blogosphere can do to shape that. I count myself as a sceptic on that point.

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