This is the view that greeted me when walking from Schuman to my Brussels flat this morning – a smashed up TV just lying on the pavement. Presumably the owner didn’t know it had to be put in a special white bag, the street sweepers in the commune of 1000 Bruxelles ignored it, and no-one knew that due to the WEEE Directive (agreed in the Justus Lipsius building only 500m away) means things like this should be specially disposed of.

Compare that to the spotless efficiency of München where I’ve just spent a long weekend and, well, let’s say that Brussels has a long way to go. Franz Josef Strauss / MUC airport is a model of calm and efficiency – about 15 minutes from the S-Bahn to the gate, and everything spotless. The same can be said for München itself – from the Englischer Garten to Schwabing to the Olympiapark, the whole place is the very epitomy of Ordnung. As as the map below shows, I saw plenty of the city – on inline skates along the many excellent cycle paths.

Now if only the place was a little less catholic it would be perfect… 🙂

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