My father was a geography teacher, my mother also a geography graduate, and I grew up with a map in my hand. Years ago I discovered a little game called Geoguessr that used Google Maps and Google Street View and turned them into a game – you used whatever you knew about a place (mountains, rivers, roadsigns, which side the cars were driving on, vegetation etc.) to work out where it was, and my father and I would play it.

Now, during lockdown, I have rediscovered it. And better still, if you have a Pro account (€2.99 / month) you can also make your own maps…

So that means my love of maps and travel, and that I have followed Brexit so very closely, can be combined – into a game. Brexit Geoguessr! And anyone – even those with free accounts – can play this map

But the only shortcoming of Geoguessr is that it does not allow you to add an explanation of each location directly within the tool. So that’s what I am going to do with this blog entry – but without literally naming the places. If there are other places you think I should add to the map, or there are errors, please comment or contact me, and I will add them.

Current number of locations: 31
Locations in UK (inc. Northern Ireland): 24
Locations in EU (inc. Ireland): 8

Locations of speeches – 5
1 David Cameron speech, 3 Theresa May speeches, 1 David Frost speech

Negotiation and meeting locations – 7
2 locations of Frost-Barnier talks, 1 location of von der Leyen-Johnson meetings, 1 location of a significant Varadkar-Johnson meeting, 1 location where Frost is known to have gone with his team after negotiation rounds, 2 UK government offices where significant players are based or work

Businesses impacted by Brexit – 7
1 company that sells Langoustines, 1 company that sells cheese, 2 companies that manufacture cars, 1 location of a motorcycle manufacturer that closed due to Brexit, 1 toy company, 1 branch of a supermarket impacted by supply chain problems

Ports – 7
4 ferry or possible ferry ports, 3 fishing ports

Trucking – 3
2 lorry parks, 1 further location relating to cross-channel trucking problems

Campaign locations – 1
1 location of a well known photo from the referendum campaign

Border locations – 1
1 location where the border formalities have radically changed as a result of Brexit

In-joke locations – 1
1 location I cannot explain, as its presence on the map is an in-joke

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