European Health Insurance CardNo, Britain has not joined the Euro (alas). But UK citizens have finally been given European Health Insurance cards – pictured. A number of countries, including the UK, had 2 year derogations to the Directive. All EU citizens should have the cards by the end of 2005. Any information about these cards that you could possibly want can be found here. This means that when I go travelling around in Europe, I no longer have to take a strange E111 form that no other EU nationals seem to understand. So, congratulations that the EU has delivered a concrete benefit to enable people to easily claim services elsewhere.

Now, the card fits in my wallet next to my organ donor card, and blood donor card. Would maybe be a nice move to put them all together in the future? Or maybe – shock horror – sort out the ID mess in the UK with some sensible ID card scheme. But I think that’s a debate for another post!

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