Who says EU policies are not joined up?

Last week the European Commission cheerfully announced it was abandoning standards for 26 different types of fruit and vegetables. Commissioner for Agriculture Mariann Fischer Boel heralded “a new dawn for the curvy cucumber and the knobbly carrot”. Finally one of the myths from Kurkkudirektiivi has been done away with for good.

So what do you do with all this excess fruit and veg now on the European market? Well you give it free to school kids! The European Parliament plenary has today taken a position on the issue (only consultation procedure, so it’s not binding) to make sure school kids across the EU get free fruit and veg. More details from the EP website.

So kids, look forward to your free curvy cucumber!

[UPDATE] A hilarious take on the cucumbers story from The Daily Mash (hat tip: Bente, via Twitter)


  1. You mean abolishing the standards? Member states have opposed the changes, but of course those same states never inform their citizens why!

    Mark Mardell has more but his analysis of the countries opposing would mean no majority under QMV, but as I understand it there will now be progress on both fronts.

  2. In fact, I have heard/seen a Commission representative on TV informing that some member states are against these changes and might oppose them in the Council.

    I don’t remember the detailed reasons.

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