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Good news today regarding Britain’s relationship with the European Union (I don’t get to say that very often!) The European Movement is re-launching this afternoon in Westminster, with Charles Kennedy as its new Chair. Whatever Kennedy’s background, it cannot be denied he is a high profile and charismatic politician – a good appointment.

With the debate about the Reform Treaty so gruesome and negative at present it’s vital to have a vibrant and active organisation campaigning on EU matters in the UK. I very much hope that the European Movement can emerge from under the shadow cast by Britain in Europe and its contorted preparations for a Euro referendum that never happened, and start to build a wider, more cohesive pro-EU movement in the UK. As ever I’m doing my bit to help out: I designed their new website and blog.


  1. Good luck with the event and the relaunch. The European Movement is greatly needed in Britain.

  2. Good Work Jon.
    i like the site and the blog of EU movement you have made.

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