For my offline friends I reckon this will be a surprising result – I’m apparently only 51% a geek, which puts me 3% behind top Norwegian EU / tech blogger Bente Kalsnes. I think it has something to do with my dislike of the literature of sci-fi and, after all, I’m probably more of a politics geek than an IT geek!

One question struck me as particularly good: “Have you ever solved a complex computer problem while in the shower?” YES, loads of times! While brushing my teeth and shaving are also particularly productive times for solving programming problems as well. I wonder why? And as the question was included in the test it makes me think I’m not alone in this.


  1. Oh dear, despite being a Windows and IE user I reckon I scored just under 50% for Star Trek, Douglas Adams and having just discovered the Neil Gaiman “Neverwhere” comic book. But I think I ought to regain about 10% for refusing to sign up to Mingle2 to get the official results.
    Off to increase my chav score by watching the X-factor and Xtra factor back to back…

  2. Ha, I got 41%. Mostly because of hardware attraction, since I don’t read much sci-fi any longer, never watched Star Trek and I use Windows:)…

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