112 LogoYou don’t care too much about emergency telephone numbers until, well, you’re in an emergency situation (or, as was the case for me today, you’re helping someone who is). As this emergency was taking place in Belgium I needed to call the Belgian emergency services and didn’t have the number for the police in mind (I now know it’s 101 if you’re interested). But I know the European emergency number – 112 – unlike plenty of citizens that do not. In Belgium 112 seems to send you to the ambulance and fire services, but the police were eventually sent.

In theory 112 should work anywhere in Europe, but the 112 Campaign is still concerned that up to 5000 deaths could be prevented in Europe each year with better knowledge of the number, together with better services when it’s called. They also have a petition (that I’ve signed) demanding better information about 112 for citizens.

Having said that I’ve had to alter the 112 logo above – their version has a . in it that implies there’s a website 112.eu which there actually is not… So maybe the campaign itself needs to improve its communication! Plus type ‘112 emergency number’ into Google and you don’t get the campaign site.

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