CandleIt has been a short 12 months blogging. Thinking back, I started all of this off on (as far as I can tell) 7th July 2005 with a casual shrug of the shoulders, with little keen-ness and determination. Helena had suggested I start the blog. I suppose I wanted to show that I could manage to write something that people might want to read.

It took a long time to get things moving. Just 12 months ago there were basically no people I know who wrote blogs; now there are quite a number as the list to the right demonstrates. But with few friends blogging, who was going to read a load of rants about European federalism and the queues for the bus in London?

It has turned out that with some nurturing things have gone very well with the blog. With more than 14000 individual visitors since the site was first launched, people do keep on coming back and reading more. There are more than 100 readers on each and every day something new is posted here – many, many thanks folks!

Beyond that, the blog has led to a number of notable successes. Foremost among these has been being linked from Guardian Online and Aftonbladet, has been syndicated by Taurillon, has started some academic discussion after the Sound of Europe conference, has been listed by Bäst i Världen, and is the number one hit in Google if you type concours farce“.

Not bad really. So roll on the second year of blogging. I’ll be back to normal frequency of writing from next week once I’m back in London.

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