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Radweg Bergmannstraße to Jannowitzbrücke (Kreuzberg and Mitte)

My first cycle path film documented the dangers of Skalitzer Straße. Now here is the second episode – going north through Kreuzberg from Bergmannstraße, via Baerwaldstraße, Prinzenstraße, Moritzplatz and Heinrich-Heine-Straße to Jannowitzbrücke. This one is characterised by narrow and very bumpy paths (caused mostly by tree roots and poor repairs). […]

German Politics

Radweg Skalitzer Straße, Kreuzberg

Berlin has cycle lanes on most of its main streets, but many of these lanes are poorly designed or in bad condition. One of the worst is along Skalitzer Straße through Kreuzberg – it is an important east-west route between Kottbusser Tor and the Oberbaumbrücke. As the first in an […]

EU Politics

German humour about the EU (yes, really)

Humour about the EU is hard enough – how do you make the European Union funny without just falling back on crass national stereotypes? And then to try to do that in German, bearing in mind that – well – the stereotype is that Germany is not the funniest place […]

German Politics

The CDU strict-father model for Greece

The video above shows extracts of German Christian Democrat politicians talking about Greece. The statements are as follows: “Der Grieche hat jetzt lang genug genervt” (“The Greeks have annoyed us long enough“) – Thomas Strobl “Es gibt in Europa andere Staaten, denen es wahrscheinlich noch schlechter geht und die nicht […]

EU Politics

European Disputes – live stream

This morning I am a speaker at European Disputes, part of the Internationales Literaturfestival. My panel, with Daniel Cohn-Bendit, Ulrike Guérot, György Dalos, Hubert Védrine and moderated by Wolfgang Herles will be live streamed below, 1015-1145. The full programme is here. Pose questions on Twitter using the tag #EUdisputes. Your browser […]

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OKFestival Keynotes Day 2

After the success with the improvised stream yesterday, we’re at it again today! The OKFestival 2014 keynotes now broadcasting live. Your browser does not support iframes. Here’s how we’re doing it.


Ad-hoc live streaming

I’m currently broadcasting OK Festival here, because the wifi in the room is not working and hence I have needed to improvise. Here is the stream: Your browser does not support iframes. So how am I doing it? I am using the iOS app Bambuser for the live stream, and […]