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No, I am not about to start a newsletter or a podcast

A Twitter thread by Jeff Jarvis caught my eye yesterday. “I far prefer blogs to email newsletters & podcasts” Jeff wrote, and I agree with him. I mused about why this was over my morning espresso. I pondered further during a cable internet outage at lunchtime. And now, when I […]


New blog design – a work in progress

As you can see I’ve had a bit of a clean up around here… The blog design is now much whiter and simpler, with a clearer emphasis on the content of the blog posts. Because I needed a swift solution I’ve based the design on the excellent Wu Wei theme […]

EU Politics

RSS: the biggest time-saver on the web

I ran a workshop on online campaigning in Brussels last night, and in the initial round of introductions I asked the participants if they blogged, were on Facebook, on Twitter, or used RSS. A couple of people said they ‘didn’t have time for RSS‘. I was flabbergasted. How do you […]