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Everyday tech ethics

A couple of months ago I had a conversation with two academic friends of mine about why they refused to use any messenger other than WhatsApp. “We just want it to work!” they said. “Well, Volkswagen cars work” I hit back. “That’s different,” they said. But then what about fairly […]


Google me. What impression does it give?

In the fast-paced online lives we lead, what Google digs up determines our first impressions of anything and, indeed, anyone. Yet I am regularly struck by how odd or alien this idea seems to some people when you confront them with it directly – online you are what Google thinks […]


Social Network friend/connection/follow criteria

My presence on various social networks was getting rather out of hand, so I’ve had to work out a rule of thumb as to who to add on each network. Here are my conclusions – comments most welcome! Facebook – I’ll accept friend requests from anyone I’ve met and – if […]


Design changes, and some WordPress code and icons

I’ve amended the design of this blog a bit, simplifying things and moving away from a amended version of Twenty Eleven theme, and instead using a (lightly) adapted version of Busby. This theme incorporates some HTML 5 elements, and also is much neater on devices with small screens. One aspect […]

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Connected Kingdom – internet firms in the UK

Some friends at Google have pointed me towards Connected Kingdom, a website about the state of the UK’s internet firms that showcases a report by BCG that highlights the importance of the UK’s internet economy. There are also some fledgling discussions about how things could improve in future, but it’s […]