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Pompous passport patrollers

There’s nothing that manages to get my annoyed quite the way that border guards do. Especially when they are fat, pompous Austrians with a gun in a holster at their hip that greet you with ‘Grüß Gott’ and control your passport a few minutes after your train has left Brenner […]

Harriet and Neil Kinnock
UK Politics

Labour lacks ideals and The Telegraph lacks nuance

The Daily Telegraph’s Brussels correspondent Bruno Waterfield rightly criticises the Labour Party’s lack of European vision after hearing a speech by Harriet Harman yesterday. I was on a Eurostar from London while Harriet was speaking, so did not hear her exact words, but you have to have some sympathy with […]

EU Integration Facebook game
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Know the EU, the Facebook way

So you think you know about the EU? Well, test it out thanks to Facebook. I’ve created a test in the Facebook application ‘Traveller IQ’ that tests if you know where cities that have been important in the history of the EU are actually located. Schengen anyone? Some of the […]