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Together with a few friends I am organising an informal get-together in Berlin on Wednesday 24th February to discuss the impact of a possible UK exit from the European Union on Brits living in Berlin.

*** The event will be streamed here from 2000 CET on 24.02.2016 ***

*** Twitter tag is #BERBritsBrexit ***

Event Details
24 February – 19:00–22:00
Aufsturz, Oranienburger Str. 67, 10117 Berlin

There will be a €1 charge to attend – to cover room hire costs. The event has exceeded our expectations so we needed a larger room!

20000 Brits live in Berlin. We can because EU freedom of movement rights allow us to live here. But what happens if the UK leaves the European Union?

Come along to this informal event to find out:
– what’s the current state of Cameron’s renegotiations?
– what’s likely to actually happen – will the UK leave?
– what do German politicians think of this whole thing?
– if the UK does leave, what then?
– how to register to vote in the EU referendum
– how to apply for German citizenship if you need it

Event timing
From 1900 – gather for a beer in “Klub” downstairs at Aufsturz
From 2000 – quick presentations and Q&A in the “Klub” at Aufsturz
From 2100 – back to the informal discussions / beer / food – either in Klub or the bar upstairs

The debate from 2000 will be chaired by Victoria Elles (Political communications consultant and entrepreneur – @victoriaelles). Jon Worth (Blogger – @jonworth) will explain why the event is taking place, and how to apply to register to vote in the referendum). Philip Oltermann (Berlin Bureau Chief, The Guardian – @philipoltermann) will set out the state of play in the referendum campaign – from the UK and German perspective. Brian Melican (Freelance journalist and translator based in Hamburg – @melican) will explain how to apply for German citizenship.

Event organisers
We’re a bunch of politically concerned Brits organising this. There’s no official organisation helping out. We just think this issue is important, and if you think so too, join us! Please just confirm your attendance at the Facebook event, or drop Jon an e-mail.

Politics and language
Please note that this event is non-partisan – we each have our own views about the referendum, and whether what David Cameron is doing is right. Advocates of Remain and Leave will be present. All speeches will be in English. However as all panellists also speak German, questions can be posed in German.