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Why do we even give a damn about the Eastern Partnership?

Some other EU bloggers (see Dominika Pszczółkowska and Tony Barber) are concerned about the rather poor turnout at the Eastern Partnership summit in Prague this week. But is it remotely surprising? And should we care? The Czech Presidency has been a farce – Topolanek who tried to hold it together […]

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Czech Republic: fail

So the inevitable has happened – the government has fallen in Czech Republic. 101 of the 200 deputies voted against Topolánek’s administration, as reported by PA. So what happens now? According to Czech left-ish daily Právo (part translated by euro|topics), basically nothing. 3 attempts to form a new administration have […]

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My father and the European demos

I am completely and totally sick of politicians who whine that the reason the EU will not work is because there is no European demos. Vaclav Klaus was at it again today in the EP, and Bruno Waterfield is practically jumping up and down with glee about the speech. Well […]