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Sharm-el-Sheikh Airport - CC / Flickr
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If I wanted to bomb an airliner…

…I wouldn’t do it if the airliner were leaving from the UK. Let me explain. I’ve recently taken return flights from the UK to Sharm-el-Sheikh in Egypt (to go diving in Dahab), and my parents have flown to and from Morocco, returning to the UK from Fez. On the way […]

Plane at Berlin Tegel - CC / Flickr
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The ideal airport

There has been masses of discussion in the last few days in the UK media about airport security in light of a failed attempt to blow up a transatlantic airliner. The UK and US have been jumping to come up with more technological solutions to the problems of airport security. […]

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Your neighbour is probably a terrorist

There is something really incomprehensible about Britain’s approach to terrorism. It seems that the government wants to use every technological, physical and PR tactic they can to make people feel more scared safer. The most recent is a billboard campaign from the British Transport Police urging you to snoop on […]