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Scottish independence – now more compelling than before

Christian Allard, upon entering the Scottish Parliament after another MSP resigned in 2013, was sworn in to the Parliament in both English and French. Joanna, Polish in Scotland -"I feel like a patient on the operating table…and Scotland is holding my hand saying everything's gonna be OK" pic.twitter.com/NQUqtFd4iO — Leo […]

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Scotland: Why independence after 300 years?

NOTE: this is a piece commissioned by the Norwegian online magazine Vox Publica, and was translated into Norwegian for that purpose. The Norwegian version can be found here: Skottland: Hvorfor uavhengighet etter 300 år? The English original is here with permission from Vox Pubica, but – unlike other posts on […]

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Why I’m in favour of an independent Scotland

At the end of the televised Salmond-Darling debate I tweeted the following: The basic #indyref Q is this: will Scotland be better governed from Edinburgh or London? IMHO: Edinburgh. So #VoteYes. #ScotDecides — Jon Worth (@jonworth) August 5, 2014 With 77 retweets so far, it seems to have struck a chord […]

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Time, and Scotland and the EU

Oh here we go again. It seems the question of how an independent Scotland could work in the EU will never go away. Rather than focusing on the EU’s Nobel Prize, BBC’s Hard Talk asked Barroso about Scotland and the EU in an interview today and, as before, Barroso reiterated […]

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Britain’s 6 election regions

This is not a post about election systems. It is a post about the pattern of election results in the UK general election on 6th May 2010. The thinking here is still rather vague, but I think there’s something to it. The best that UK political commentators ever seem to […]