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Liquid Democracy at NetrootsUK

I made an ‘Ignite’ timed 5 minute presentation yesterday at Netroots UK about Liquid Democracy and the German Pirate Party, and what UK political parties can learn from them. My slides are below, and the recording of the live stream is below that. Press play on the live stream and […]

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Rick Falkvinge and the Pirates

A few weeks ago at a meeting in London, one of the Labour Party’s best known bloggers literally snorted at me when I said that Labour had much to learn from the Pirate Party. But I’m undeterred by that, and having spent the last week in Germany, I’ve been looking […]

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Nordic bloc politics – the solution for a fractured left?

A Twitter exchange this afternoon with @olafcramme and @anthonypainter (shown in the screenshot to the right) in light of both Thursday’s election in Denmark and today’s Berlin state election got me thinking: is Nordic bloc politics the solution to the fracturing of the left, the problem so compellingly highlighted by […]