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Should I join Threads?

No. Is that it? Pretty much. If you have done even basic thinking about the issue, that ought to be the answer. Can you explain this in graphical form? Sort of – there’s a flow diagram here in the post. You can find it on Mastodon, Bluesky and LinkedIn as […]


Twitter tipping points

Mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo has today announced she is leaving Twitter/X (her announcement in Le Monde here, news story from Politico here). I think she rather overdoes the rhetoric, but that’s not the central point – she is an important politician deciding to abandon the platform, and that is […]


The demise of Twitter: don’t whine, organise!

Out of the window of the train just north of Brussels you can see the poster pictured here – Niet panikeren, organiseren it says. Don’t panic, organise in English. The past few days a slightly alternative slogan has been on my mind. Don’t whine, organise! We’ve had Sarah Manavis writing for The New Statesman […]